Bo's Shitty Little Projects

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don't get your hopes up here. this is most likely going to host the 2 things ive ever actually made and then after that some lame dogshit that i cook up in half an hour.

hey, i made a shitty doom map. go play it. >>>Download Here<<<

My Steam Workshop Maps

Here's a map for Gmod that isn't very fun and honestly kinda sucks.

Download it here.

Quite possibly the most boring POSTAL 2 map that you can download on the whole web.
Literally just a wooden cube that i made because i had no idea what to do and just decided to post a test map onto the steam workshop.

Download it here.

This Website

trust me, i know it looks like shit. i'm only halfway cobbling this together out of what
i remember from a high school web design class. Some major issues that need to be adressed are my godawful formatting,
my hideous layout, and generally how cluttered and shitty looking this site is. i don't want to use some gay ass website builder because where's the soul in that?
yea nowhere so fuck that. maybe i'll get off my ass and make this worth something but don't hold your breath.