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Here's where I'll put a collection of people I find around the net who I think make cool stuff. You should check them out!


Found this yutubber in a classic fps discord server. Makes some pretty funny YTPs and other videos.
You should give em a watch if you have an interest in YTP's these days and are looking for something fresh to watch.

asahidenpa radio

Radio show run buy a person I found also on discord. Goes on the air most saturdays at 8 PM EDT.
If you got nothing to listen to on a saturday night then go hit this website up.
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This guy has made a few mods for Cave Story which is amazing and awesome and the best game ever made.
He does art and the like, looks pretty clean.
The link above will take you to a page with those mods i mentioned earlier, go play them right now. Bitch.
He also makes pretty banger tunes, i'd recommend it. Very good for anyone who owns ears.
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dis website is hella boss chief. this guy is a total brodog.
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idfk what this website's trying to say but it's pretty fun to explore and fuck around in. i heard about it in like middle school and just today decided to try and find it again. if you can tell what it's about then that's pretty neat. i hope it doesn't give your puter aids or anything.
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