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oh boy it's that earthbound game all those people have been talkin about. as someone who fucking hates jrpgs i was pleasantly surprised by how fun this one was. If you somehow haven't played or heard about it by now, you should really give it a shot. Not many games have the kind of soul and world like this one does. Lots of fun people to talk to and interesting areas to explore, great story, and for a snes game it's got some bangin music and impressive graphics. A real unique game. Overall i'd probably rate it a solid 8.7/10. Still haven't played mother 3, but maybe that'll happen someday. Don't count on it.

I've been on a pretty big new vegas binge lately. It's honestly a lot of fun just romping around the Mojave blasting the shit out of people and watching them explode, but i also enjoy that NV has better dialogue and a more interesting premise than F3 or 4. I've played all the major DLC expansions, my ranking would probably go something like Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, and then at the very very far bottom goes Dead Money. The first three are all great and around as good as each other, but man dead money was a bit lacking. Not terrible or anything but kinda dragged and wasn't very much fun. I haven't been playing with any mods though, maybe i should pick some up soon. I'm a lazy fuck and dealing with mods can be a pain in the dick sometimes.

vib ribbon is a damn fun game. i've been having a blast just burning different music i own onto cd's and testing the songs out to see what kind of levels the game generates. shit if you have a bunch of cd's you don't get much use out of try them on this game, it's fun as hell. i think this is something rhythm games should be doing now, maybe chuck in some spotify support and you'd have a real big item on your hands. who knows maybe it would be a pain in the ass.

Saints Row!!!!!! so about 50 bazillion years ago (2020) i bought saints row 2 for my ps3 and got like halfway through it then forgot to play it for 3 years. i have since played through saints row 2, am currently playing 1 and 3 on and off. I'm having a good amount of fun with both of them but i have a slight bias towards saints row 1 so far. Maybe i'll update this piece with my complete thoughts on both games.
UPDATE: Saints Row 3 was.......okay. does it hold a candle to saints row 2? hell no. but it's not like i actively wanted to shoot myself while playing it. the combat is decent i guess and i guess there were a few fun things to do. my main issue with saints row 3 is that Steelport sucks fucking ass especially compared to the perfection that was SR2 Stilwater. Steelport is one of the most bland open world maps i've ever played in. also the story was dumb

yea i been playing the fugginnn pizzer game. considering that nintendo sure as hell isn't going to get off their ass any time soon and make another wario land game this is as good as it gets. honestly i'd say this is even more fun to play than WL4. It plays fast as hell and has a better sense of momentum than any sonic game released in the last 20 years. I'd say this game is well worth the $20 price tag.
Update: i've since managed to snag a few P ranks and i gotta say this game is satisfying as hell to play once you get better at it.

oh boy here i am back on my yearly cave story obsession. If anyone hasn't played this game yet you should be in fucking prison. Not only is that absolute masterwork of gaming free to download on the internet, its replayable as fuck. gameplay, story, characters, world, it's all the cream of the god damn crop. Play this game right now. (don't buy plus though tbh it's not worth the price get it on sale maybe) (also you can just get a widescreen 60fps mod)

I beat metroid dread on 2/20/23, god damn it was a good ass game. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a switch and needs shit to play on it, or anyone who likes metroid and for some reason hasn't bought it yet. Solid 8.87 rating from me.

I was getting into this game right before i bought the prime remaster, i haven't been playing it at much lately which i need to work on but what i played was pretty fun, i'd say for sure get it if there happens to be a sale going on.

I been playin the metroid prime remaster that came out like last week and it's been an absolute fucking blast. I definitely reccomend this to people who haven't played prime before.

I've hopped back on the No More Heroes grind and i gotta say, it's pretty fucking fun. if you haven't played it go do that shit right now. It's on switch for like 20 bucks which is well worth it if you ask me. Sure it's a 2007 Wii game but compared to the heaping pile of shovelware dogshit on that console this game is actually fun and makes use of the dumbass motion controls in a way that doesn't feel forced in, although the game plays just fine without them.

1/31/23 : Just finished Metal Gear Solid for the PSX today and to be honest, i don't see what all the hoopla is about. In my opinion it hasn't aged the best and at times it's not very fun to play. I'd much rather go back to any of the PS2 games than do another playthrough of 1. Fuck i might even like MGS4 more.

as of January 26th, 2023, I've just beat SA2 for the first time. It's a pretty good game, i don't understand all the hate for it. I'd say it's for sure better than sonic adventure 1 because it doesn't have the shitty parts that game does.

Just finished my Extreme run of MGS3, was a blast. In my opinion this is the most fun difficulty to play on. Your extremely limited capacity in your inventory makes resource conservation extremely important and something you actually have to think about.

Lately i've been playing a metric fuckton of Metal Gear. I've also been grinding out some sonic too which is fun. I like to watch a lot of youtube in my free time. Some other things i like doing are swimming, snowboarding, browsing the internet, and other mundane activities.